Sunday, 25 December 2011

Juara International Liquid Clorophyll

Juara International Liquid Chlorophyll (JILC) is made from the extract of ALFALFA (in Arabic means "father of all foods") leaves only which grown in a pollution-free environment without use of insecticide. It has the highest content of chlorophyll and nutrients in the plant kingdom. Scientific discovery of the resemblance between chlorophyll and human blood has revealed the importance of chlorophyll as a vital nutrient to our body. 

Today, JILC has become a household name as the best nutritional drink for all ages and races. It helps to eliminate toxin from the body, improves blood circulation, serves as a natural antiseptic for inflammation and as a gargle, and is highly alkaline.

Many people have benefited from taking JILC including SLE patients since 1992.

JUARA's Health Concept
"Prevention is Better Than Cure"

To detoxicify and eliminating impurities form the body.

The balancing of body hormones and acid/alkaline pH level.

To abundantly provide blood building nutrients, plant vitamins and minerals.

A healthy body is a result of billions of healthy cells
Each healthy cell constantly requires oxygen, water and nutrients for energy and vitality and for toxin elimination.
A healthy immune system defends us from diseases and is vital to overall health.

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