Sunday, 25 December 2011

8 Reasons For Choosing Juara International Chlorophyll

1. 100% Alfalfa Chlorophyll
Juara International Liquid Chlorophyll (JILC) is made from the extract of ALFALFA (in Arabic means “father of all foods”) leaves only which are grown in a pollution-free environment without use of insecticide. It has the highest content of chlorophyll and nutrients in the plant kingdom. Scientific discovery of the resemblance between chlorophyll and human blood has revealed the importance of chlorophyll as a vital nutrient to our body.

Today, JILC has become a household name as the best nutritional drink for all ages and races. It helps to eliminate toxin from the body, improves blood circulation, serves as a natural antiseptic for inflammation and as a gargle, and is highly alkaline. Many people have benefited from taking JILC including SLE patients since 1992.

2. Approved By The Ministry Of Health (MOH), Malaysia
JILC is approved by the Ministry Of Health, Malaysia under MAL20034356TC. It is safe to consume with no side-effects.

3. Manufactured Under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
JILC is manufactured in the company’s strict supervised GMP factory approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia to ensure that the manufacturing process is in a clean and hygienic environment for the best quality, potent nutritional drink. It is value for money.

4. Free From Preservatives, Coloring & Heavy Metals
Nutritional supplement must be free from preservatives, coloring and heavy metals in order to effectively benefit consumers. JILC is free from these harmful elements, thus is highly recommended for daily consumption to improve and maintain good health.

5. RM 1,000,000.00 Product Liability Insurance
JILC has a product liability insurance of RM 1,000,000.00 as a further assurance of its quality and boosts the confidence of our independent distributors to market JILC.

6. Certified "Halal" By JAKIM
"Halal" is a symbol of hygiene. JILC is manufactured in accordance with Muslim food regulations and is certified "Halal" by JAKIM.  Ref. No. : JAKIM/(22.00)/492/2/1034-09/2004

7. Liquid Form
JILC is manufactured into liquid form for easy absorption and better assimilation by the body.

8. Since 1992
Juara Konsep Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd. foresaw the potential of the market and has been promoting liquid chlorophyll as nutritional health drink since 1992. Today, we are proud to be the leader in marketing liquid chlorophyll.

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